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Given the dire need to create jobs for millions of young people and the positive outlook for small and medium size companies, the Gulf market space should be of greater focus for institutional investors and their gatekeepers. Angel One Network Investors focuses on;

Women and minority-owned firm, with diverse and complementary backgrounds

Coverage of Middle East Countries with emphasis on the Gulf market  

Focus on middle-market investments in the job-creating manufacturing and industrial sectors

Environmental and social performance improvement as part of hands-on, operational improvement approach


Angel One Network Investors offers a best-in-class blue chip platform that enables the efficient deployment of institutional commercial capital, in particular from the Canada and Europe.

Angel One Network Investors’ diverse partner team brings together an extensive experience in frontier markets private equity and a unique in-depth expertise on Gulf markets, reinforced by strong operational skills.

Angel One Network Investors invests in established small to mid-market companies within the Manufacturing and Industrial sectors with a geographic remit covering Gulf markets. Private Investor in the Gulf Countries

Angel One Network Investors currently has offices in Canada and UAE, Middle East.

We invest growth equity in established small to mid-market companies across Gulf markets, in the Manufacturing and Industrials sectors (including agricultural processing), with an emphasis on unlocking their growth potential by adding substantial strategic, operational and management value. Investor in Private Sector. We expect to drive sustainable local job creation, enhance domestic production capacity and foster technical and managerial knowledge transfer in these sectors that are the backbone of a diversified economy